Colds and Creativity

Everyone in the house is sick. Nothing serious. Just colds. But three adults bumbling around, sniffling, sneezing, and pinching the bridges of their noses must be a sight. We’re all red-nosed and bundled a little more warmly than may be necessary. Oranges, vitamin C, and cold meds are scattered around the kitchen because we all REFUSE to get really sick. I’m drinking tons of water, and today I had instant soup with rice for lunch.

I’m very thankful for the internet right about now – not only for entertainment. Thanks to WhatsApp and Amazon, I was able to find out what my little sister wanted for her birthday and send it to her from 4000 miles away. We even had a video call so I could show her the solution to a puzzle. Before now, I was not the biggest fan of social media, but it’s truly helped me to stay in meaningful contact with my family. This section reads like it’s sponsored by WhatsApp or Amazon, but it’s really not.

For the last couple weeks, I have been getting back in touch with my creative side. Things that used to come so naturally to me now take serious effort. Writing, drawings, painting – truly some of my favorite things in the world. I fell out of the habit of indulging in them when I moved to a place that isolated me from all of my support network. While I found my job fulfilling for a long time, I had no friends or family around to bolster my spirits when they dwindled. My creativity seemed to dry up over the next five years and never really returned even after I went back home. Well, now I have the time and the support network and the drive to get back into what truly fulfills me: creative expression. Each day, I put words on the page and pencil or paint on the canvas. I am shaky on my feet, but forgiving myself for becoming a beginner once more has been easier than I feared. How something so wonderful can take such effort now is truly testament to the depth of my depression for several years. A few tools have helped, such as NaNoWriMo resources, the Hero’s Journal, and YouTube tutorials, that I will have to talk about more some time later. For now, I have a bit more writing to do.

English food fascinates me.

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