Small Victories

Small victories are the best we can hope for sometimes. Sure, it would be great if we could complete a masterpiece in one fell swoop or finally flip the switch in our brains that lets us speak another language flawlessly, but that’s not how achievements typically work. We have to work for them. This means that every little step, every little victory counts.

Amazon notified me that someone bought my book last month. Given that I didn’t really advertise it much because, well, it’s my first AND I FOUND TWO TYPOS IN CHAPTER ONE kill me, it surprises and pleases me that anyone would give it a shot. I’ve sold fifteen copies total, and two don’t count because they went to me and my partner. So thirteen! That may sound pathetic, but I sold zero copies when it was only a file sitting on my computer. Any progress is still progress. I am thrilled at my small victory.

If you are looking to support a beginning author and dig fantasy, check out my book Terratrope. Below is the novel’s blurb.

Terratrope is the story of young Ava Chattan’s conflicts of familial piety, race relations, and personal ambition. She and Henrik Meyer, her liege and owner, struggle for their respective places in the kingdom of Eulenroth, ruled by the mistrusting Grand Lord Geier. The Grand Lord’s suspicion and hatred of terratropes, a race of shapeshifters, fuels a raid that plunges Ava into a world of slavery, violence, and racism. This dark fantasy follows the youth and maturation of Ava, who is torn between her plans to avenge her family and her desire to emancipate her siblings. In the meantime, she must come to grips with the stirrings of adulthood and the dangers of her forbidden pit fighter position in society. Henrik is a noble practitioner courting Grand Lord Geier’s favor by perfecting discoveries in the fields of alchemy and medicine while becoming increasingly fond of his slaves. In a society that does not allow breaches in station, Ava and Henrik must choose between their potentially disastrous desires and the well-being of their loved ones.

I don’t consider this a shameless plug because this is my blog. No one is here on accident. Let’s be honest – No one is here at all. Ha!

The original cover photo

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