Spooky Music Time

I love music. I always have music playing with the occasional break for ASMR or Game Grumps.

The holidays are no different.

This led me to stumble upon an event going on in London for Halloween: candlelit “spooky” classical music performed by a string quartet. I love the idea! But for $40+ per person, I think not. While I can’t recreate the thrill of a live performance or the historic building it’s performed in, I can make a similarly themed playlist. Doing it myself means I can also add a few pieces they missed and remove some that are too cheesy. The $40 didn’t even include a meal, so I will also prepare (or order) dinner and wine to enjoy while listening and basking in candlelight. If you’d like to light some candles and listen as well, here is my playlist. I use the plugin Adblock Plus, which is free, so ads don’t interrupt my musical experience. The classical compositions and operas are so good that I can’t restrict the playlist to Halloween only, so I’ve renamed the playlist for villains. I’ll use it when writing. While I was still workshopping it, I played it while I was in the bath, and someone suggested that “O Fortuna” might be too dramatic for scrubbing up. Ha! Obviously, someone who does not know how to properly enjoy a bath.

The short version: For Halloween ambience, kill the lights, light some candles, and listen to this spooky playlist.

A snail on my Jack-o-lantern

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