Visa Saga Update

The biometrics interview was not an interview. It was just an appointment to get my biometrics. All they did was take a headshot and fingerprint me. When they gave me my receipt for those two things, they also handed me a letter with a link and further instructions. I was then to mail the stamped biometrics receipt, application form, a UPS return shipping label, my passport (the real physical passport), and any documents I hadn’t already posted online to the address provided by the link within five days. I mailed the bundle the next day. What about the proof that we’re not married but are partners? Because there was no interview, there was no one to talk to about it; I sent photos of us in 2016 and this year with a note explaining that we don’t have bills together (the desired proof, according to the government website) because we don’t live in the same country and, therefore, literally can’t. I hope that’s enough. Since I mailed my physical passport, I paid for express air, and I’m watching the tracking information like a hawk. I don’t like all my information out there in the world.

And now we wait.

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