All These Mixed Emotions

I’ll make a proper post in the next few days, but I’ve neglected my blog for the last two weeks because my fiancé — now my husband — came to the U.S. to visit and marry me. We went to the French Quarter, rode a steamboat, and did other touristy things. It was a wonderful time. We went with silver knotwork wedding bands* that we each picked out for ourselves. I dropped him off at the airport today. Sadly, I could not go home with him because of the delay in my Family Visa (still no word). But I’m thankful for the time we had and the future we’ll have together. Just need to be patient.

Not your typical wedding choices — but good ones nonetheless

I’m also so angry and terrified about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Louisiana slapped the ban on abortion immediately. I cannot find the words to express my horror and outrage. If they truly cared about life, this is not the path they would take. If they truly cared about human rights, they would not be attacking people with a uterus. And the mention of looking at same-sex marriage and birth control?? I’m happy I’m leaving.

It’s strange to feel so happy and distraught at the same time. Once I organize my thoughts a bit better, I may have more to say.

*Contains an Amazon Affiliate link

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