Visa Saga Update

My visa application has been refused on the grounds of insufficient evidence that I am in a relationship with my partner. You know, the one I married in June. They also asked for additional paperwork that was NEVER requested on the government website or the application. They said I have 28 days to appeal.

So I’ve appealed.

In the appeal application, I had to provide my and my partner’s contact information as well as the rejection letter. There was no room for any communication on my part or for me to send any other documents. I feel like surely my marriage license would suffice. There were two options for appeal: hearing (in person) for £140 or tribunal (send off documents to a judge) for £80. Given the pain this has already caused, we’re forking out the extra £60 for the hearing because if we could have spoken to a HUMAN PERSON during any of this process, there wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place. After paying, the website said I should hear from my caseworker by September 21, though it may take longer. A couple minutes later the confirmation email arrived. It said I should hear from my caseworker by October 14, though it may take longer. October. 14. After they DOUBLED my wait time already. It’ll take a month for them to even look at the fact that I’m fucking married to the man already. IN JUNE.

Big feelings.

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