Visa Saga Update

I’m really struggling. Having a long-distance relationship is a challenge, but it’s one we really thought would end this year – back in the summer. Because we saw that end in sight, parting at the beginning of March was much easier. The wait time on my visa would be six weeks. We were ready to be annoyed and eager until my approval in May and then get married in June when I would fly home with my spouse. That is so far from what happened, and though there is no good reason for my visa to be rejected, I am now in fear of further delays to starting the next chapter of my life.

As I posted on November 2nd, the UK Home Office invited me to make my argument for my appeal and submit additional documents, which I did that same day. They said I would have a response by the 16th. They responded 6 days AFTER that date, and all they had to say was “You told us why you think the Home Office is wrong.” Well, yes, of course. I know I did. I’m the one who did it. It took them three weeks to say, “Hold on. I haven’t looked at it yet.” They said my argument and evidence would be reviewed, and I should have their decision to either maintain or withdraw their rejection by December 6th. They were very vague on what those two decisions will mean. Withdraw obviously seems to me to mean I will be granted my family visa. At this rate, however, I am hesitant to make such assumptions. All the email indicated it means is that they will “look again” at their decision. If they maintain their decision, I will be allowed to request a translator for my tribunal before a judge. I still have no idea where that tribunal will be – the U.S., the UK, via Zoom, no clue – or on what timetable.

I will see my husband on our six-month anniversary for the first time in nearly that long, not for lack of trying. We will spend a couple weeks together, celebrating the holidays and ringing in the New Year, before he will return to London… I assume without me again. I hope not. I hope they will withdraw their decision, send me my visa, and I will go home with my partner. That would make me so happy.

Next week’s entry will be another photo blog. It’s nice looking over old adventures. After that, I am unlikely to post until January (because Family Time). I’m still considering how best to overhaul my blog for 2023. Stay safe, everyone, and happy holidays.

St. Louis Cathedral and statue of Andrew Jackson in New Orleans

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