Visa Saga Update

They withdrew their rejection!! It’s a Christmas miracle! Haha! Oh, such a relief. Truly.

At 8:44 AM a week past deadline (I forgive them because it’s a good answer), I got the email saying, “The decision to refuse your visa application has been overturned and our office will now proceed to the next stage of your application.” They instructed me to send my passport to the Visa Application Center I sent it to before, so I did. In addition to the passport, I sent the email instructing me to do so, my reference numbers and payment confirmation codes, etc., and a prepaid return label. Secure 1- to 2-day shipping is so expensive! So, for the second time, I paid around $90 to mail my passport to New York. It should arrive by 3 PM tomorrow. Please, wish it safe travels. And wish me luck.

I wish you all joyful days!

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