Jumpin’ January! I’m late!

What do you mean I take crooked pictures?!

I had a slow start to 2023. Last month, I received a letter from the Secretary of State, informing me that my appeal has ended, concluding that the UK Home Office was wrong to deny my application. I sent my passport back to New York that very day. I haven’t heard anything since then. In the meantime, I’ve returned to the gym. Three weeks in, the New Year’s resolution crowd has dissipated. Haha!

The holidays were great fun, and I took my partner to see some pretty New Orleans things. We walked through the Shops at Canal Place, the beautiful Roosevelt hotel, and the Piazza d’Italia. A couple days after Christmas, we walked around the Christmas Village in Kenner’s Heritage Park after hours. In the village, I got to introduce him to Gaston the Green-Nosed ‘Gator, who helped Santa fly his pirogue to deliver presents down the bayou one special year. I found a cute reading of The Cajun Night Before Christmas too! On New Year’s, we sat on the swing in my mom’s front yard to watch fireworks – 360° of fireworks – being shot off by neighbors and a nearby stadium.

Southwest eggrolls, bacon-wrapped boudin-stuffed jalapeños, and pigs in blankets
Stuffed mushrooms
Had to go classic on Christmas Eve. The trick to the turkey is a bacon lattice.
Pumpkin pie with pumpkin spice whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate bourbon pecan pie

One sad thing happened at the beginning of the month. My little sister’s sweet, kitten-sized Siamese cat passed away. Apparently, the genetic disorder she had that made her tiny and toothless shut down her body. The decline happened very quickly. She was spry and mischievous as ever over the holidays. So, below is a little photo homage to Sushi. Thank you for five adorable years, little Sushi cat.

I am Sushi, and I am baby.
I help.
Thank you, human, for my village of worshipers.
I will rule with grace and charity.
Or will I?!
OMG! It’s Catzilla!
Good ruler got all the best pats and scritches.

January is National Blood Donor Month. If you are able, please donate blood. I know so many people who are too afraid of needles to give the gift of life, but come on. Don’t be a bloody baby. Donate now!

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