About Me

I AM smiling.

I’m Alicia, a curious creature in both meanings of the phrase. I grew up in southern Louisiana in the U.S., an athletic would-be zoologist diagnosed with photosensitivity (yes, yes, I’m a vampire) during my teenage years. Pesky genetics. I’ve had to reshape my plans for life several times over the years toward—literally—shadier ambitions. I took my first university course at age 16, tutored the Psychology of Human Sexuality for two years, studied under two inspiring professors, and earned my Master of Arts in British Literature amid a health crisis. Down two organs, I began teaching. My third world-shaking event occurred in 2012 when my youth finally ran out. Sleep struggles that began around age 17 finally caught up with me. I stopped making memories. My health was shattered. As I recovered over the next couple years, I took a new approach to life: slow down and live right now. Nothing is guaranteed, as I’ve been reminded over and over again, and our achievements don’t necessarily get us where we want to go. So I threw out the roadmap and altered my course to search for meaning along the path rather than for a destination.

My true joy is learning… about philosophy, psychology, history, the arts, and other people. I love animals, and I love nature; but I may never be more mystified by anything than I am by human beings. I want to know about their dreams, I want to hear what sparks joy in their souls, and I want to see them do well in their everyday lives. Part of why I made this blog is to share what does and doesn’t work for me to hopefully help others get the good parts of the lessons I’ve already learned and avoid the bad.  

Magical Musings is a contemplative lifestyle blog dedicated to celebrating the simple things, rolling with struggles as they come, embracing the growth mindset, and generally leading a life worth living. I may be a real-life vampire, but I’m far from immortal. So, come along on this adventure with me, and let’s savor all we can in the time we have!

If you are looking to support a beginning author and dig fantasy, check out my novel Terratrope. Below is the book’s blurb.

Terratrope is the story of young Ava Chattan’s conflicts of familial piety, race relations, and personal ambition. She and Henrik Meyer, her liege and owner, struggle for their respective places in the kingdom of Eulenroth, ruled by the mistrusting Grand Lord Geier. The Grand Lord’s suspicion and hatred of terratropes, a race of shapeshifters, fuels a raid that plunges Ava into a world of slavery, violence, and racism. This dark fantasy follows the youth and maturation of Ava, who is torn between her plans to avenge her family and her desire to emancipate her siblings. In the meantime, she must come to grips with the stirrings of adulthood and the dangers of her forbidden pit fighter position in society. Henrik is a noble practitioner courting Grand Lord Geier’s favor by perfecting discoveries in the fields of alchemy and medicine while becoming increasingly fond of his slaves. In a society that does not allow breaches in station, Ava and Henrik must choose between their potentially disastrous desires and the well-being of their loved ones.

Fancy a conversation? Contact me at AliciaCognevich1@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting!