Shake It Off

Unfortunately, the trip to York had to be cancelled due to severe weather. Two massive storms hit the UK – one the day we were to set out and the other the day we were meant to return. Apparently, several train lines are still blocked by downed trees. And another storm is hitting today. TheContinue reading “Shake It Off”

Oh, for the Love of…

Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean much to me, as the best holiday for romance is Beltane/Mayday; however, because we will 4,000 miles apart in May, my fiancé and I decided to do something for Valentine’s Day-ish. We had dinner at our favorite French bistro yesterday, and we will visit York later this week, enjoying its ancientContinue reading “Oh, for the Love of…”


Journaling (and blogging) have been a big step for me. I started half a dozen gratitude journals and traditional journals over the years but could never stick to them. I’d been great for about two weeks then fall out of the habit. Last year, I broke the cycle. I started a gratitude journal on theContinue reading “Reflections”

Waxing Light

February is a strange month to me. Spring is a month away, but this is often when the coldest days happen (usually on the rare occasion that someone talked me into going to a Mardi Gras parade). Here in England, winter isn’t showing much sign of releasing the Earth, though this has been a mildContinue reading “Waxing Light”