Visa Saga Update

The UK Home Office finally got in contact with me this morning. I sent them a message asking for help when they were over a week late for their extra-month-extended reply to my appeal. Their reply, by the way, was “We can’t help you, but make sure YOU’RE not late when we message you.” Why would I be?! I’m asking YOU to do your job in a timely manner. I should have heard from them by September 21st then they changed it to October 14th. They got in touch November 2nd. They were 42 days late.

Anyway, the heading said, “Tell us why you think the Home Office is wrong.” Such cheek. I explained about our relationship and subsequent marriage then attached our marriage certificate along with a bunch of financial files, making sure the explanation and documents hit every single point in the rejection letter. I posted all of this today to my appeal account.

The confirmation message was just as amusing as the initial subject: “You have told us why you think the Home Office decision is wrong. You don’t need to do anything now. A Tribunal Caseworker will contact you to tell you what happens next. This should be by 16 November 2022 but it may take longer than that.” Ok. Fingers crossed!

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